Top Blogs Students Should Know About.

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If you’re a student at NYU, you probably know by now what is expected of you. You should always be up to date with the news, read books (Non-Harry Potter) and continuously follow the top trends. What blogs, writers, papers or anything that might help you expand your knowledge. Let’s start with blogs. They are short, informative and also gives you an idea for you start your own blog (Everyone should once in their life, start now)

Based on College, these are the top 10 blogs everyone should read and why. Here is a mix of fun and work, no one should just read serious blogs. That’s no fun.

Making the Big Decision:

Check out The New York Times’ Information on anything from how to put together an effective college application to advice on succeeding in college.

Looking for Jobs:

Follow Lindsey Pollack, a bestselling author, corporate consultant, keynote speaker and recognized expert on next generation career and workplace trends. Her blog gives you advice on networking, maintaining your social media sites, searching for jobs and more.

Staying Fit in College:

College Dieting is a fitness blog that will provide you with inspiration for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Preparing for the Interview:

Read the Fast Company blog for tips on everything from technology, design, economics, and business innovations.

Keeping Up with Fashion Trends:

Check out “the original and #1 online fashion and beauty magazine written by college students, for college students.”

Studying for Finals:

Study Hacks will guide you through your college experience and help you get the grades you want.

Making the Most of Your Internship:

Follow Lauren Berger. Berger is the CEO and founder of an online aid to students in search of internships.

Decorating Your Dorm:

Visit the DormDelicious blog for advice on enhancing your dingy dorm room. With endless interior décor tips and ways to stay organized, you can make your space attractive and nice to live in.

Fitting in in the Office:

The official Office-Politics Blog provides expert advice on real-life office drama, and even offer your own advice for chances to win free books!

Being Inspired:

Written and inspired by women across the US, features stories on topics ranging from career advice to style, home décor and music.



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