Deeper insights from LMS data

An analytics solution that extracts data from LMS applications and provides intuitive self-service reporting and rich data visualizations with the focus on learning efficiency. Kipin Hall transforms your big data into truly actionable metrics.

Prescriptive Measures

Plan, assign and measure early intervention solutions for at-risk students. The intervention solutions can be aligned to learnings outcomes to maintain the performance objectives of the institution. Intervention solutions can be assigned as early as the first week of the semester.

Boost Engagement

Kipin tools is focused on engaging students using creative tools such as Q/A tool, Online office hours, Polls, and Quizzes which can be delivered instantly or periodically on both mobile and web. Institutions can now measure in class participation based on learning outcomes instead of just online activity.

Seamless integration with your LMS

Kipin Hall is FERPA-compliant, accessible, and works with a wide range of LMS platforms. Students, Instructors and Administrator are automatically enrolled with appropriate roles.

Your Classes. From anywhere.


What our customers have to say

Using the Kipin Hall Q/A, I can pinpoint specific areas the class is having trouble with. I can create specific sections for discussions, create timed recommended content and conduct live online office hours with students.

Kipin Hall has specifically helped us with big classrooms, since not all students participate or are shy of asking questions in public. Combine that with analytics, it makes an ideal tool for professors and instructors to get pulse of their class.
- Professor Ohayon - NYU

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