On Leadership: Things a Great Boss Always Does



PR News Polled Facebook and Twitter audiences regarding the topic of “What makes a great boss?” Here are 5 responses:

“A great boss always…listens.”

Executives, take note—here is our most popular response. It’s been said that we have two ears and one tongue so that we may hear more and speak less. Listening is a difficult art, but for executives it’s crucial that employees think they are tuned in.

“A great boss always…leads by example.”

No employee wants to feel like he or she has to do something the boss wouldn’t (or couldn’t) do. Leading by example is important because employees want to feel like collaborators, not serfs.

“A great boss always…challenges you to be better.”

Landing the top job at any company is no easy feat, so by default there must be something to learn from the person sitting at the head of the table. By challenging employees, a great boss encourages improvement, wielding the mantle of his or her position in a constructive way.

“A great boss always…has my back.”

Engaged employees feel like they are part of a team and, by extension of that metaphor, that means that their boss is their coach. A great boss should stand up for his or her employees the same way a coach campaigns for the benefit and advantage of his players—even when they’ve done something wrong.

“A great boss always…encourages the next generation of leaders to rise up.”

The best executives leave their mark on a company not just by what they do themselves—they create more lasting legacies by shaping their companies’ group of emerging leaders. Not being afraid to cede responsibility to up-and-coming managers is also a sign that a great boss is comfortable in a leadership role.http://kipinhall.com/on-leadership-things-a-great-boss-always-does/http://kipinhall.com/on-leadership-things-a-great-boss-always-does/


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