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Question on Calcium Sulfide structure

The diagram represents the unit cell for a crystal of calcium sulfide, CaS(s), which has the sodium chloride structure. The radii of the ions are: rCa2+ = 106 pm and rS2- = 184 pm.

a) Calculate the edge length of the CaS unit cell (in pm) b) Calculate the mass of one unit cell of CaS (in g) c) Calculate the density of CaS(s) (in g/cm3) d) Calculate the minimum distance (in pm) between the edges of two S2- ions within the unit cell of CaS"

Calcium Sulfide.docx
25 MB
Abhi Ashutosh5483 Kipits
Posted 5 minutes ago in Crystals1 comment.
Abhi Ashutosh5483 Kipits
Anwered 2 minutes ago
how do you know if this is ccc, bcc or simple cubic? do you need to in order to do the problem? For a), its a = 580 pm
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