The educator you need to be.

As things change, we need to be able to understand them before getting that panic attack. When technology began dominating the learning sphere, most educators were reluctant because automatically they thought they lacked those necessary skills. Others who understood the change and saw its significance asked “What skills do I lack and how to get them?”

Justin Tarte, author of the blog “Life of an Educator” wrote a good post called: You are the ‘Game Changer’ . He mentions:

“What if every day we went to school we viewed ourselves as our solution? What if we took back the power and stopped waiting for someone or something else?

Just think what would be possible if we made this shift.

To read his full post:

As educators, we need to be examples. You’re teaching your students to adapt to changes and challenge themselves with every obstacle, you should be able to do the same. Technology has to be practiced, and it doesn’t have to be practiced alone. If your students believe that you are trying to better their classroom experience, they will practice it with you.

No one has ever been stuck with the same skills. Educators then and educators now have major differences. “This has always worked” is the culprit. in its many levels always moves forward. I’ll leave you with this image that gives a good example of what a 21st century educator needs:







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